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Rev. Marvin A. Hicks proclaimed God’s Word with a distinct anointing from coast to coast and border to border in the United States as well as in 17 nations around the world. He preached in city wide crusades, camp meetings, conferences and served 60 years as a pastor. He served as district presbyter in Texas for 18 years and was a founding trustee of Texas Bible College. 

For 30 years he ministered on radio and for 6 years he ministered 4 times each week on television. Of course, no one can forget over 100 public theological debates that have been recorded and are still being used for teaching today.

Pastor Hicks ministered to the world on his internet broadcast “SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE!” for 11 years; 2001- 2012. We will be featuring a different sermon each week from Bro. Hicks. Most of the sermons will be from the 11 years of broadcasting on SundayNightLive.net but we will also feature other sermons as well.

Pastor Marvin A. Hicks passed away on December 22, 2014. He will always be loved and remembered.

Join us each week for a different message from Pastor Hicks.

This Week's Broadcast
Message Title: A Preacher's Voice
Speaker: Rev. Marvin A. Hicks
Originally Broadcast on, October 3, 2004

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This message is a re-broadcast and was originally recorded and produced by Calvary Pentecostal Church & Pastor Marvin A. Hicks